Project Motivation

After a much needed break, I realized that I have several unfinished home projects.

And now they're piled up and sitting all over the house.

Or in the case of my non painted walls and (still) non organized second bedroom, sitting there patiently waiting to be completed.

In all fairness, the stress of substitute teaching and taking care of my injured boyfriend from an accident earlier in the year put all of my projects on the back burner.

Yet as I weeded my garden beds a few days ago, I was infused with a renewed sense of purpose to address the clutter, organize what I can and most importantly GET THESE PROJECTS DONE!

I'm writing this post to not only get back in the swing of things with blogging AS WELL AS to hold myself accountable to (finally) finish the following:

1.  My Pinterest inspired window treatments.

2.  An Easter Egg wreath for a friend.

3.  Finally getting Christmas decorations out of my bedroom.

4.  Organizing my second bedroom.

5.  Construct, sand & paint the IKEA dressers that have been sitting in their boxes in my dining room .

6.  Learn how to properly paint walls.  Then paint my condo.

Do you think I'll be able to get everything done by the end of the year?


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