My Christmas Secret: I Love Inappropriate Christmas Cards

I love Christmas.

It has taken me years to collect my numerous cases of ornaments.  I don't think that you can ever have too many (white) lights on a tree.  I got up the day after Thanksgiving and bought ten Poinsettias at a big box retailer.

I even have two Pinterest boards devoted to Christmas.

Moreover, I love a tasteful tree and decorations.  Currently, the boyfriend and I have different opinions on what constitutes "tasteful." but those conversations are for a different post.

Like I said, I love Christmas.

Oddly enough, my taste in Christmas cards can best be defined as edgy.

And when I say edgy, I mean (kinda) inappropriate.

Not necessarily crossing the line of good taste but definitely tip toeing up the the edge of political correctness.

Traditional Christmas cards just don't do it for me.  Winter scenes, snowmen, family shots, pets and kids are perfectly fine; they just don't reflect my wry sense of humor.

No shade towards you if that's you're preferred way of sending holiday greetings.  I think those card are so sticky sweet they give me a toothache.

No thank you.

So when I see a card that makes me literally laugh out loud, I buy them.  That's the litmus test.

Yet purchasing a funny (in my opinion) Christmas card vs. who receives the "funny" card are two different matters.

A few years ago I sent a card that had the late Pope and President G.W. Bush on the cover to my friend's mother who leans left politically, thinking she would find it amusing.

Let's suffice it to say she did not.

Boy----did she not.

Since then, I buy a single traditional card just for her to send every Christmas.

And to be safe, I've stocked up on traditional cards in the event I don't know if someone on the Christmas card list has more mainstream tastes.

Clearly I have to choose the recipients of these gems very carefully.  If you're lucky enough to get my completely non-PC, possibly blasphemous Christmas cards consider it a complement.

'Cause I think you get the joke with a very sly wink and a nod.

I write and express opinions about many serious subjects that affect me 364 days a year.

The day I do my Christmas cards is the one time I try not to take myself so seriously.



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