When Uber Overdraws Your Account You Have Little Recourse

I've been a regular supporter and frequent customer of Uber.  To say I'm a fangirl would be an understatement.

My relationship with Uber was going along swimmingly---until last week.

I contacted Uber to take me and the boyfriend home on the night of my birthday.  Harmless enough, eh?  I thought so too until I saw my bill the next morning.

And that's when the emails started:

Trouble With Pickup: I was charged the above amount ($30.66) for a trip that ended in Berwyn, IL as opposed to being charged for where my trip ended (XXXX, Chicago, IL) I needed to speak to my boyfriend who was with me on the ride to confirm what happened---it was my birthday last night and thought Uber would be a safe alternative home. So not only was the fare twice of what it normally is---you can check my rider history and see that I take Uber from XXXX quite frequently so I have a very good idea how much it costs; but the charge has overdrawn my account.

I'd like Uber to credit my account the overage on the fare (about $13-$14) AND the $35 NSF fee my bank has hit me with as a result of the driver overcharging me. I hope that this was simply a case of him forgetting to send the receipt immediately after drop off and nothing of a more premeditated nature.

Polite and to the point, no?  I a few hours, I received this response:


Sorry to hear about this issue with your fare. Uber is designed to always be reliable and accurate, and I’m sorry to hear that wasn’t your experience here. I’m here to make it right.

I’ve adjusted this fare to the more appropriate $16.79 for this trip, and an updated receipt has been emailed to the address you have on file. Please note that the adjustment may take a few business days to reflect in your account balance.

Our driver operations team has been notified about this so they can connect and work things out with your driver to ensure that trips are started and ended properly using the app.

As for the overdraft fee, your best bet is to reach out to your card-issuing bank so they can help resolve and make adjustments for the fee. We cannot give credits nor refunds to compensate for the overdraft fees and other bank service fees that you've incurred.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else in the future.


Ryan P.

Wait, what?

An Uber contractor makes a huge mistake and the best you can do is to is only fix half the problem?  Seriously?

Undaunted, I wrote back:

Ryan (and all of Uber support),

Thank you for the adjustment to my fare. I appreciate the prompt response.

Now about that NSF fee...

I understand that you may not be able to refund the $35 NSF fee to my bank account but you can issue a $35 credit to my Uber account. Frankly, if it weren't for the fraudulent charge (I'm confident the driver knew exactly what he was doing), I wouldn't have been assessed the NSF fee. I would think $35 is a small price to pay to maintain good will with a frequent customer.

If you have another way to satisfy all parties involved, I'm all ears.

I look forward to your timely response.


Clearly my request fell on deaf ears---again.


Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble with this pickup.

I can see that the difference has already been refunded to you account. Please reach out to your bank so they can help resolve this issue. Sorry, but we do not give out credits to compensate you for the bank service fees.

Should you have other questions, please let me know.


Ryan P.

Ain't that something?

Be careful when you take your next Uber ride.   A mistake on your driver's part could wind up costing you.

And Uber won't have your back.


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