I Admit It, I Mocked The Blizzard

I mocked our rather sizable blizzard because it really didn't feel like a blizzard.

It felt more like a bad storm.

As a group, Chicagoans are used to unpredictable weather.  We don't piss and moan about the cold weather here in Chicago because we understand that---well---we live in Chicago.  Residing here means that we have unpredictable, long, cold and sometimes miserable winters.

Yet after the "blizzard" that was predicted last week for New York City, I scoffed at the weather models that said Chicago was going to get twelve inches of snow.

Plus we're freaking Chicago!  When did twelve inches of snow start to scare us?

Despite the fact the snow totals were above the predictions, we hearty Midwesterners don't scare as easy as some do in other parts of the country.  And because we don't scare as easy, it didn't feel like a blizzard.

Why didn't it feel like a make a run on the stores, batten down the hatches blizzard you may ask?

1.  The Mayor didn't set a curfew.

2.  Our fully stocked grocery stores were still open.

3.  The liquor stores were still open.

4.  I saw pizza delivery drivers (at least for a while)

5.  The bars were open (It was Super Bowl Sunday after all)

And most importantly:

6.  The CTA was running.

Yes some businesses shut down early and the schools are closed for the day,  but for the most part people continued their daily comings and goings like we normally do.

(Sidebar:  Honestly I was a little shocked that Lake Shore Drive was shut down for a time last night---in an election year no less)

We still got stuff done.  We just had a little snow on the ground to deal with.

What's everyone else's excuse?

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