Do Your Part, Shovel Your Sidewalk

It's been five days since the "blizzard."

Yet some sidewalks haven't seen the pass of a shovel or a sprinkling of salt.

Guess what?  I'm about to call 311 on you for your sidewalk not being shoveled.

Yeah, I'm that person.

There are few legitimate excuses for homeowners or commercial real estate owners to not have their sidewalks shoveled at least 48 after an accumulating snow storm.

And there is no excuse for a business, especially one that relies on the public getting through its doors, to not have their property shoveled and salted in the same amount of time.

Few things get me seeing red than a sidewalk that isn't shoveled or someone who gave it a half assed effort.

Un-shoveled sidewalks push people out in the streets.  Additionally, being in the street in conjunction with a block that has little or no lighting has real world consequences.

See it's not for me or my welfare.  I have a good pair of L.L. Bean boots, a warm coat and numerous winter accessories.  Seniors and folks who have specialized mobility needs like walkers and wheelchairs are pushed out into the street because of someone's laziness or lack of preparation.

Frankly, I don't care what the excuse is.  All I know is that I shouldn't see seniors weighted down with packages attempting to navigate slush and traffic because they're forced to walk on a very busy Stony Island.

The bottom line is property and especially business owners need to clear a path through all of this snow.

Not only is it complying with the law and the right thing to do, but a clear sidewalk may very well ensure someone's safety.


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