The Legend And The Intern

The Legend And The Intern

It's a pretty simple story.

I was one of two marketing interns for the 1991 season at the Cubs.  He was a living legend.

I was learning the ropes.  He was a Cooperstown inductee.

As many will recount, Mr. Ernie Banks was a man of big smiles and cheerful attitude.  He comported himself with an air of relaxed dignity and complete accessibility.  I have never heard of him behaving improperly.

I don't know if that's  old school superstar behavior or that's the way Mr. Banks really was but I  suspect it was the later.

On the day I received my autograph, Mr. Banks was visiting the front office and our boss took him around to our desks so we could meet him.  He was just as gracious, warm and friendly as everyone said he was.

I wish I could recount the our brief conversation---I was a touch star struck.  It's not every day a living legend pops up in your humble intern cube.

That wasn't the only time I would see Mr. Banks throughout that season.  No matter how busy he was, when he was always in our part of the office he always took a little time to say hello.

I regularly saw and rubbed shoulders with the legends of baseball.  From hall of fame broadcasters to former greats of the game.  I saw very famous people at their best professionally and in most cases, at their best personally.

Mr. Banks was never inconsistent.  He was always a class act.


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