Standard Body Of Knowledge: What I Don't Know

Earlier, I asked a question about what should be in a person's general body of knowledge.  In short, what should be the treasured information that you keep inside your head?

While that answer is getting sorted out, I can divulge what I don't know.  The broad gaps in my own personal body of knowledge.

Sure it's easy for me to be shocked that someone doesn't know the name of the Vice President of the United States, yet I wonder if someone would be as equally as shocked that I don't know how to change a tire?

The list, which in no way complete, of what I don't know how to do is as follows:

  • How to properly paint a wall
  • How to change a tire
  • How to change a car's oil
  • How to properly administer AED/CPR
  • How to trim my cat's nails
  • How to make an excellent grilled cheese sandwich
  • How to do basic plumbing
  • How to do basic home repairs (without a Time/Life book or YouTube)
  • Pack a really good suitcase/box like my mother used to
  • How to use power tools
  • Sew well enough to make clothes or home accessories
  • Shoot accurately enough to consistently hit the target
  • Ballroom dance/Waltz/Properly dance with a partner
  • Drive a manual transmission vehicle
  • Speak/read/write another language

And that's what I could think of right off the top of my head.

Clearly I need to address my own shortcomings in my personal body of knowledge.  Do you think I'm being too harsh on myself?

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