Luck Be A Lady

Accepting the challenge of Chicago Now's Blogapalooz-Hour of  "Writing about a time you experienced a remarkable coincidence or witnessed something unexplainable," I had to flip through the mental Rolodex.

What in my life is so remarkable or unexplainable that rises to the challenge of this exercise?

Then it occurred to me---pretty much all of my life has been a mixture of hard work with some lucky coincidences and unexplainable stuff thrown in for good measure.

The old folks say that "God protects babies and fools."

How so?

  • When the now pooh-poohed practice of having chicken pox parties for all of the kids in your immediate social circle was practiced, I was the one kid who never got the contagious disease.  Everyone else was covered in calamine lotion and all itchy, I played with the Lite Brite.  It was years later in my tweens that I finally came down with a very mild case


  •  In college the cafeteria served up day old, tainted tuna croissants to the student body.  I was watching everyone turn green and get sick while I happily munched down on my second sandwich.  It turned out that my love of melted Swiss probably saved me from a horrible night in the ER.  Everyone else wasn't so lucky.


  • I ran across Lake Shore Drive on foot and lived.  I still have the scar to prove it.  (It's really is a good story.  Ask me nicely and I might tell you.)


  • I moved to Baltimore in my early 20's in the early 90's when Baltimore was still a very dangerous place for the uninitiated.  I still can't believe that I didn't get killed.


  • Unbeknownst to me, a man that latter turned out to be a bank robber, held the door open for me as we both walked into my local branch.  I proceeded to do my business and he proceeded to do his.  Not only was I completely clueless that the bank was being robbed, but refused to leave the until my business was done.   NOTE:  Watching the FBI descend on a scene after a bank robbery is utterly fascinating.  I can't believe that they let me finish my business.


  • A complete stranger gave me this watch.  No strings.  No creepiness.  Honest to God.


Any regular reader of this blog knows that things aren't perfect and it's been an extremely challenging past few years, but I continue to work toward my goals and walk on faith.

'Cause the only explanation I can give you isn't luck, but God.

Oft time I don't know which one I am---the baby or the fool.  I'm just glad someone, whether human or divine, has my back.


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