The 63rd Street Metra Refurbish: It Ain't New, But It's Better Than What It Was

The 63rd Street Metra station has been wasting away for quite some time.

Rotting wooden boards.  Slippery stairs.  Railings that made you feel as if you would need a tetanus shot---you name it, it was in a state of disrepair at the 63rd Street station.

And oy, those leaky shelters.

I'm not sure if Metra heard the cries of those who regularly utilize 63rd Street, if it was our turn on the maintenance/refurbish schedule or if we got flat out lucky but they finally did something about the horrible condition of the station.

Mind you we didn't get a new station like the folks up in Hyde Park, but at least we can stand on the platform without the fear of falling through to the tracks.

I'm thankful and all but it does make one wonder when our little station is going to get the Hyde Park treatment?

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