Squirrels: Garden Terrorists

People usually think I'm a little crazy when I rant about how squirrels *aren't* a gardeners best friend.

I've had years of experience trying to keep the little beasts from my container gardens.  Bedding plants thrown hither and yon, containers rooted through, candy bars hidden in my boxes---it's all par for the course.

I won't even bring up when one of those tree rats lived in my house with me for two days.  It's too traumatic to relive, much less retell.

Yep, folks think I'm a bit of a crank when it comes to squirrels.  That is until they see the damage they do first hand.

See these cute (blech!) furry little playful scamps?

Tree Rats

They did this to the young corn growing in our community garden.



Not an ear was left by the time they got through with them.  They laid waste to an entire crop of corn.

So much for the notion of eating corn right out of the garden.

Well, unless you're a squirrel.  Then you're all set.



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