Garden Stories: Top Five Garden Goals For Next Season

I'm proud of the fact that I've finally managed to score a plot in the backyard community garden but I've had a bountiful harvest from both of my vegetable gardens.

Nonetheless, I've been thinking ahead to next growing season and came up with a list of my top five garden goals for 2015.


1.  I can only have ONE vegetable garden.

Having vegetable gardens in both Jackson Park and in the back yard is too much work.  While Jackson Park is an amazing community resource, worrying about safety & security isn't usually what I want to focus on when I'm working in the garden.  The thistle (weeds) drive me crazy and the upkeep this year left a great deal to be desired.

Don't get me started on the garden thieves.  I'm tired of planting for me and them.

2.  I have to learn how to can/preserve my harvest.

It's the one thing I never learned from my mother before she passed---how to can.  Now that I've turned the corner on how to grow (some) vegetables, I need to learn how to preserve the food so I don't have to give it all away.  Fresh produce can only keep so long.

3.  I need to learn how to collect and dry seeds for future planting.

It's pretty self explanatory, no?

4.  I need to expand the backyard garden plot.

Since the backyard garden is going to be the only garden next year, I'm going to need some more room.  That means I'm going to have to work with Farmer Hank to expand my plot so I'll have plenty of room for other types of vegetables next year.

5.  I have to try fall/spring planting.

Red onions and fresh garlic is a staple in my house.  I had a fancy idea that I would try to grown my own this year but missed the planting window.  If I want red onions and garlic for next year, I'm going to have to plant them this fall.  I'm not sure how any of this works, but I'll do my research and give it a try.  I'll let you know how it turns out in eight months.


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