Unemployment Stories: What Link Doesn't Cover

I am usually in a state of interview readiness.

I never know when I'll get a call for an in person interview or to meet with a recruiter.

The professional clothes I have are clean (for now), pressed and hanging in my closet.  Yet maintaining this state of constant readiness comes at a cost---an honest to God dollars and cents cost.

That shouldn't be news.

Yet when your unemployment is cut off and money goes from a trickle to a painfully slow drip, interview readiness is yet another item that has to take a back seat.

That Link card that I told you about in the last post?  That, my friends, only pays for food  and non-alcoholic drinks.

While the list is quite lengthy, let me remind you of a few interview necessities that Link doesn't cover:

  • CTA/Metra fare to interviews or job fairs
  • The cost of dry cleaning your suits
  • The cost of maintenance to your suits (tailoring/mending)
  • The purchase of pantyhose, undergarments or accessories
  • The cost of shoe purchases or shoe repair
  • Makeup
  • Keeping your hair interview ready
  • Laundry detergent
  • The cost of printing out copies of your resume or computer time

Lets not mention you have to figure out how to keep your utilities on, pay your mortgage and condo assessments.

So the next time someone wants to pontificate about people on public assistance living off of the taxpayer, tell them about this post.

Then have them donate some personal and household care items (or a gift card) to an unemployment program, a homeless shelter or to someone they know is unemployed.

Knowing that you're not going to run out of deodorant or toothpaste goes a long way in restoring a sense of normalcy in your life.

Plus no one feels confident in an interview if they (literally) stink up the place.


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