#YesAllWomen: Stop Insulting My P*ssy

"Stop being such a p*ssy."

Do you need time to adjust your skirt?

"The pussification of America."

"Dude, don't be so p*ssy whipped."

"What a twat."

"Man up.  Stop being such a bitch."


Out of all of the casual sexism that I encounter, this is the one thing that truly grinds my gears.

In plain talk, stop insulting my p*ssy.

Mythology chronicled a war allegedly started over a woman.  The Taj Mahal was built as a symbol of love and grief due to the death of a princess.  A prince abdicated the British throne for love.  Even the Bible tells that Jacob's love for Rachel was so great that he worked for her father for seven years to earn the right to marry her.  Even after his future father in law tricked him into marrying the wrong daughter, Jacob worked another seven years to pay the dowry in order to marry his true love.

That's fourteen years of hard labor, son.

So let's crudely recap:  A war was started over p*ssy.  A UNESCO world heritage site was built because of p*ssy.  A future king left the British throne, one could argue, at the height of its colonial power because of p*ssy.  A man worked for FOURTEEN YEARS under a shady father in law because of p*ssy.

Weak?  Methinks not.

Because from what I've gleaned from a lifetime of hearing insults hurled, a woman equals p*ssy and p*ssy equals weakness and weakness equals bad.

At the very least, the prospect of sex, or p*ssy if you will, can drive a man (or woman) to act out of character.  At the most, the prospect of respecting and loving a whole woman---not just her p*ssy---will motivate a man (or woman) to realize their greatest human potential, change the world, create great art or work towards a challenging goal.

How is that weak?  If anything that sounds pretty strong to me.

Whenever someone calls a guy a p*ssy in my presence, I chime in with "Why are you insulting my p*ssy?  What did she do to you?"

I don't appreciate you associating someone of weak will & questionable moral character with such a sacred place.

People come out of there you know.

So knock it off.  I'm tired of this acceptable, casual misygony that equates a woman or anything feminine as being bad.  Ya'll have taken this forbidden fruit thing way too far.

That goes double for the ladies that throw the term around as well.  One of your body parts is NOT a slur.

Celebrate p*ssy, don't demean it.

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