Farewell Jessica McClintock

It's no secret that I despise most of what's being passed off as prom dresses these days.

No need to beat that horse.

Last week, the news of Jessica McClintock---the famous prom dress designer---calling it quits in late 2013 after forty plus years in the business, left a little hole in my heart.

Or should I say it left a hole in the heart of the girl who eagerly anticipated the March edition of Seventeen Magazine.

That was the prom dress extravaganza issue in case you didn't know.

Not only is this an end of an era, but it also leaves a gap in the prom dress market for age appropriate, modest (in comparison) garments.

That's not to say that Ms. McClintock didn't keep up with the times and design dresses with a hemline that my mother would have rejected; but her short dresses still provided coverage.  Even her most risque design is downright puritanical than what I've been seeing around my neighborhood.

So it is with much disappointment that I bid Ms. McClintock and her fairy tale dresses, farewell.

I'll always be grateful for my Gunne Sax junior prom dress.


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