Mayor Emanuel And Community Values

Did Mayor Emanuel question the values and morality of the residents of violence plagued neighborhoods?

Did those words seriously come from his mouth?

That, ladies and gentlemen, take a set of stones.  An honest to God brass pair.

The mayor has the gall to lay the bulk of the continuing violence at the feet of the people who bear the brunt of its effect on a daily basis.   I find it insulting.

Scratch that, his comments aren't insulting, they're infuriating.

His comments are an example that the privilege of his office along with his personal wealth insulates him from the real world.  At least the real world as it relates to living next door to bad people.

If the mayor needs an  example of how this "code of silence" and "no snitching" culture works, all he has to do is cast his eyes on Chief Keef's neighbor's in Northfield.

None of the Chief's neighbors wanted to go on record with the Tribune when they were asked about their rambunctious neighbor.

Their reasons?  Fear of retaliation.

When Northfield residents go off the record it's because they're concerned about their safety; when south and west side residents practice a "code of silence" we're morally bereft and values challenged.

Hello, Mr. Mayor the clue phone is ringing.

If you think one guy with a group of friends can scare the shit out an entire neighborhood (and village), what do you think is going to happen when you have a few buildings on your block that may or may not be filled with actual dangerous people?

Make no mistake, you can do the right thing and inform on the guys on the corner and the scumbags next door, but there is always a price to be paid when that information becomes public.

Police protection for witnesses is the stuff of television cop dramas, not real life.

What would you do, Mr. Mayor?

You know when this whole "stop snitching" culture is going to end?

It's going to end when criminals can't operate with impunity because they happen to look like some of the people they victimize.

It's going to end when violence and murders are properly classified by the police department.

It's going to end when neighborhoods can finally have a stable command presence at the district level.  Creating a localized chain of accountability from the Commander to the sergeants to the beat cars.   *cough*3rd District*cough*

It's going to end when cooperating community member's identities aren't all but given out when a complaint is unsealed.

It's going to end when police (and judges) actually protect potential witnesses.

It's going to end when there's a generation on the south and west sides that don't know what the "Red Squad " & John Burge mean.  #WrongfulConviction #Brutality

Most of all, this culture is going to end when we have a mayor who speaks directly and listens to the people affected by this violence, not through a group of pastors.

'Cause I bet you half of them don't live in the neighborhoods that are being the hardest hit.

You see it's easy to criticize the actions of others from behind your security detail, Mr. Mayor.  My question is when will you give residents of these violence plagued communities the actual tools to be able to make a difference in their own lives?

Don't you dare lay this at our feet unless you're willing to do some hard work too.


P.S.  Hire some more police.  The south and west sides aren't the only ones noticing the staffing shortages.

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