Death of A Teenager: Reality Sets In

On Monday afternoon Endia Martin lost her life allegedly over a boy.

Truthfully, the teenager lost her life over misplaced aggression, the actions of a hyper violent adult and a poor choice by another girl.

I couldn't help but think about this scene from season 3 of "Homicide:  Life On The Street:"

Now another girl, whose family didn't even show up for court proceedings is learning the true price of taking a life.

My blog is a reflection of my personal feelings, yet I feel so empty by this latest act of violence.  What perspective can I add?  What literally can I say?

A child acted on poor advice from an allegedly trusted adult?  The streets are flooded with both guns and mercurial young people who don't fully appreciate the consequences of their actions until it's too late?  That there's a generation so saturated by violence that life itself has no value?

It's all been said.

Now a girl is dead and another sits in a place that most adults couldn't handle.

Allegedly because of a boy.

All I can do is shake my head.


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