White Gentrification In Chicago: A Question

Almost two weeks ago I published a post about white gentrification in largely minority neighborhoods in Chicago.

The author wanted to know if "there (was) a way to find affordable rent and not participate in gentrification?"  I wrote a response to her question and a few days later received yet another question from a different reader.

  Hi Woodlawn Wonder,

First of all I have to say I love your blog.  Not to sound cheesy but I appreciate you put yourself out there on a variety of topics in a city with a particular history, and particular race/ethnicity/identity dynamics that could be never be covered in its entirety in one written volume of work.... And that's just keeping it real.

I felt the need to throw out a question.... And I will preface it with the fact that I am new at the whole "respond to a blog" situation  but thought it was a question that was important  or for lack of better descriptives relavent (sic).  You suggested a lot of neighborhoods to the white gentrification writer.. but not Woodlawn... Any
Particular reason?


While I knew what to say, for once I was a tad flummoxed with how to say it.  The response, which I'm publishing tomorrow, took me a little time to write.

But I kept it honest.


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