Ignoring & Dismissing Black America Is Harmful To Your Health

As the verdict was announced Saturday night in the Dunn trial, I thought about another news story that was fairly prominent last week.

A press conference of suburban DuPage county leaders addressed the heroin scourge that is becoming more and more of a problem in their communities.  So much so that state lawmakers are sponsoring new legislation for treatment programs and to extend a state law that targets street gangs, apparently the source of much of the drugs.

Clearly heroin has become a "problem."

Judging by the variety of social ills that have been visited upon communities infiltrated and eventually saturated with drugs, DuPage county has a long and troubled road ahead of them.

Then of course the Dunn trial highlights one of two issues, it is either extremely dangerous to be a young black man in modern Florida or the "Stand Your Ground" law may be poorly written.

Yet as other stories from various states have suggested, you don't have to be a young black man or in Florida to be targeted and shot.

You just simply have to be black.

Both of these news stories underscored one point to me---ignoring issues like racism and drug addiction is easy for a majority of Americans when it happens in the black community.

I think the attitude that most Americans take is reflected by Don Zaluchi's famous quote regarding drug trafficking from The Godfather:  "In my city we would keep the traffic in the dark people, the coloreds.  They're animals anyway so let them lose their souls."

As for the "Stand Your Ground" law, I predict that the number of shootings by people with poor impulse control will continue to venture outside the accepted confines of just shooting "threatening" black people.

So while it's easy to ignore these issues when it happens to black folk, mainstream America does so at it's own peril.

As DuPage County has found out, heroin does not discriminate and can just as easily find its way into the homes of suburban and upper middle class America as it can anywhere else.

Increasingly, the ambiguous and poorly written Florida"Stand Your Ground" law will increasingly affect non people of color.  You know---average non suspicious citizens who don't deserved to be gunned down over a simple misunderstanding.

Make no mistake, one day someone with a bad attitude, itching for a fight may confront you at the mall for taking what they perceived to be their parking spot.  Except this time they will have a gun and you (everyday "average" citizen) will be considered a threat.

There is a saying that goes "When America has a cold, black America catches pneumonia."

I'd like to counter with a catch phrase of my own, "What's on our doorstep will soon be on yours."


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