Uninsured, Unemployed and Obamacare: The Twist

I had gone to Healthcare.gov and completed the marathon application process.

I received my eligibility results the same day (October 16th).

The State of Illinois called me approximately on December 16th.

The representative left a voice mail check to see if I still was interested in the program and a phone number to call back with questions or concerns.

I placed that call on January 24th.

Yes, I know that's over a month but the holidays and job hunting took precedence.  So sue me.  As I came to find out, whether I called December 16th or February 28th---it wouldn't have mattered.

Here's a rough paraphrasing of my phone call with the Illinois Department of Health Care and Family Services:

Me:  (After I had been on hold for almost 30 minutes waiting for the "right" customer service intake agent to start processing my claim)  Good afternoon, my name is XXXXX and I'm calling to check the status of my health insurance application I completed on Heathcare.gov.

Agent:  You said you completed the application online at Healthcare.gov?

Me:  Yes.

Agent:  Unfortunately, the feds have not sent over any applications to the state so we have none of your information.

Me:  Excuse me?  (with my jaw on the ground)

Agent:  It's true.  If you want to be covered by this state's exchange, you're going to have to start the process over with me.

Fighting back feelings of frustration, one individual situation and one individual action stood out:  It was at that exact moment that I heard my washing machine die.

I then got up and took the picture of the President from his re-election night off of my refrigerator and threw it in the trash.

I sucked it up and started over again.


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