Alinea Baby? Not In This Establishment

The fine dining world is in a tizzy about the fussy baby that was tweeted about at Alinea last Saturday.

The debate rages on about the appropriateness of bringing a small child (or any children for that matter) to a setting that does not cater to their needs.

"Yes I should be able to bring my child," one side declares.

"No, you should think about other diners," the opposite side exclaims.

While everyone goes back and forth, you know where that conversation will never occur?  A delightful little place on Clark Street named The Hopleaf.

Posted in their window in no nonsense black in white is a sign that says no one under 21 is allowed---even if they're with their parents.

It says it on the website too.

Period.  End of story.

No judgment calls.  No discussion.  Your infants, toddlers, tweens, teens and young adults cannot enter the Hopleaf unless (or until) they are 21.

While other establishments may wring their hands over possibly offending the family demographic, the Hopleaf has drawn their line in the sand and stayed consistent with their policy.

I for one say huzzah!

I have an opinion about children in adult establishments and no amount of pissing and moaning is going  to change it.

Personally speaking, I don't like indulging in adult excesses (in excess) around the little people.  I get a little old school fire and brimstone with how one should act around children.

There are just certain things their young impressionable minds shouldn't be exposed to if at all possible.  Me and my friends boozing it up at the Hopleaf is one of them.

It's nice to see folks who run adult establishments take a stand and definitively say, I'm sorry this isn't an appropriate place for the tykes.

So if you're a parent and you love tasty Belgium beer and eats, find a sitter.

That sweet face and delectable chubby thighs will not get your wee one across the threshold.

Because when you really think about it, do children really need to be exposed to a bar?  Albeit a nice bar---but a bar nonetheless.

As the sign on the Hopleaf says---there are many other family friendly options in the neighborhood.


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