Vacant Building + High School Kids = Trouble

I've written extensively about the Woodlawn Organization owned vacant Metropolitan building for years.

In its former incarnations the building was once the former Loretto Academy, Christ Apostolic Church and most recently Entry House which ceased operations a few years ago.  Since then it's been sitting empty.

And an empty building is never a good thing (in my opinion) when you live around high schools.

You see I live within three blocks of two high schools; Mt. Carmel and Hyde Park Career Academy.  Mt. Carmel's students have never been a problem in the neighborhood, Hyde Park’s...not so much.

Starting this school year, some of the little darlings have literally taken to wandering up and down my street soon after school lets out smoking some very shitty weed.

As a rule I normally don't care if you want to lose brain cells and fuck up your lungs but for the love of God do not disrespect my neighborhood by walking up and down my street smoking weed like you're not doing anything wrong.

I couldn't figure out why this was happening.  What changed that my street had now become the preferred spots for juvenile delinquents?

Then it hit me.

The abandon Metropolitan.

I believe (but cannot prove) that the kids wander up and down my street before or after they use the open property to get high after school lets out.

Here's to hoping that the Woodlawn Organization does the right thing and secures their property for the good of the neighborhood and the safety of those of us who live here.

This is just the latest in a long line of missteps by the TWO since the church that is also run by Rev. Finney left Woodlawn.

Will the TWO and the Metropolitan ever get their act together?


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