Unemployment Ends Today: I'm Tired of Congress Playing With My Life

I am one of the estimated 1.3 million Americans that will lose their unemployment today.

To be truthful, I'm over it.

I'm over my case of chronic joblessness.

I'm over interviewing.  I'm over explaining what I do to well meaning friends.  I'm over the rejection.  I'm over being blown off by friends of friends who "might be able to help."

I'm just absolutely done.  I'm worn out.

Aside from everything else I've chronicled, you know what the worst parts are?

Getting the "Oh, you're so smart and talented I'm sure you'll find something.  Just keep on trying" pep talk from random people.    It's infuriating and literally makes me want to physically put my hands on someone every time I hear it.

And let's not forget the "Have you tried (inset job hunting suggestion here)?"

People truly don't understand that if you've thought of it, not only have I thought of it but I've done it---already.  Many times over.

The list could stretch from here to infinity with the prying questions and the small humiliations visited upon not only me but many other unemployed Americans.  I know I'm not the only one going through tough times.

But Jesus take the wheel, it sure feels like it.

Navigating the world of the Illinois Department of Unemployment Security is challenging enough; adding a federal stoppage of unemployment just makes it that much better.

So now I have to contend with Congress cutting off the life line that keeps my basic bills paid and me in soap and water.

With the gridlock in Washington my expectations are low that federal unemployment benefits are reauthorized anytime soon.  After all, we have been here before.

For the most part, I've stopped making my unemployment a topic of daily conversation among my friends.  Everyone has their own special set of problems and mine don't necessarily trump anyone else's on any particular day.

I also don't talk about interviews either.  Hell, it gets their hopes up more than it does mine.

Yet I do look forward to the day when I return to the working world and don't have to depend upon the State of Illinois or Congress for anything.

But until that day arrives, I'd appreciate if Congress stopped playing God with people's lives.

Isn't it bad enough that they've already taken food out of people's mouths?


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