Sick Of Living In A Food Desert?

There have been many discussions in the past about food deserts in Chicago.

I've also chimed in a time or two about my own personal experiences.  As you may or may not know, access to healthful food is a bit of a challenge for a majority of Chicagoans on the south and west sides of the city.

And when I say "a bit of a challenge" I mean it's a huge problem.

The folks at Chicago TREND are trying to do something about the issue.

Chicago TREND (Transforming Retail Economics of Neighborhood Development) describes themselves as "an Econsult Solutions, Inc. survey, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, to assess retail corridors and food deserts in Chicago."

They also go on to say:

The Chicago TREND (Transforming Retail Economics of Neighborhood Development) concept seeks to enable successful retail development that fits with how specific communities are changing, and helps get them there.   It seeks to provide new resources to more accurately assess and predict retail opportunity, to reduce the costs and risks of retail development, and to target retail that aligns with complementary housing, infrastructure and other community development.

The MacArthur Foundation is funding the survey to identify and respond to Chicago Food Deserts by zip code.  The data collected will be used to influence the City’s development of grocery stores by neighborhood.

This survey is open to anyone living in the Chicagoland area, but I personally would like to see as many south siders as possible participating.

The link to the survey is here.

It's one thing to note your conditions and draw awareness, it's quite another to set about actually doing something about them.

Take the survey.  Let your voice be heard.  Be counted.

Do something about the problem.


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