I Don't Care If The French Won't Come To The South Side

I could give a flying fig that the French government advises its citizens against going south of 59th Street.

Luckily, I'm not offended that a sovereign state is trying to "go in" on the south side.  Frankly it's par for the course.  At least the French have the stones to actually say it instead of pretending like we're all one Chicago.

I'm thrilled that I won't see them on the Devil in the White City Tour or birdwatching in Osaka Gardens.

Imagine my relief of not having to jostle the French in the buffet line at B.J.'s Market and Bakery during Sunday brunch or worry about seeing banana hammocks while on the beach at the South Shore Cultural Center.

Since the French are not advised to go south of 59th Street, I'm sure I won't see any tourists admiring the homes in the Jackson Park Highland's neighborhood.

Stay north.  Stay in the tourist areas.  They're completely safe.  Nothing to worry about on Michigan Avenue.

Not. At. All.

If we were truly one Chicago, there would be as much uproar about this as when Jon Stewart slandered our beloved deep dish pizza.

Thanks for having our backs Choose Chicago.  Take a lesson from the mayor of Cleveland Heights.

But we all know the truth.

While this report makes some mad and others wince, a majority of folks will simply nod their heads in agreement.

It's disappointing that a food product is more important than the neighborhoods and lives of a majority of this city.   Living on the south side you develop a thick skin.  Sadly, you get used to the insults.

Yet for all of the horrible stories you hear coming out of the south side, there are many more of regular folks living lives of quiet dignity; working against tall odds to maintain or improve their neighborhoods.

Clearly with all of this work going on, we don't have time for lookie lou's expecting to get mugged.

I wouldn't dare speak for the west side, but rest assured the south side will be just fine without you thank you very much.

And don't ask any of us to bring you up any barbeque.  That ship has sailed.


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