Unemployed, Uninsured & Obamacare: 3rd Try Is The Charm

After two tries to create an account on healthcare.gov last Thursday (10/3), the third try on Sunday (10/6) proved to be the charm.

I was asked to create a Marketplace account at 10:25 PM (CST)


Everything seemed pretty standard.  Create a username and password.  So far, so good.  No timeouts.


The typical security questions...

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Then an email with a verification link was sent to the address I set up on the account at 10:33 PM (CST).


I clicked on the link to verify my email address...


Then I got the green light to go ahead and log in to navigate the market place.


Unfortunately, I received this message once I attempted to log in for step 2:


At least step 1 out of 4 was achieved.  I was able to setup an account.  Whether I'll be able to login and discover useful information remains to be seen.


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