I Owe The CTA An Apology: The Red Line Is Amazing

I was not happy about the five month shutdown of the south branch of the red line.

Specifically, I wasn't happy about the way the decision was reached with zero input from the communities the shutdown affected.

That foolishness still chaps my hide.

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Nonetheless, I have to go on record to congratulate the CTA for completing the work on time---as promised AND express my utter dumbfounded shock that the red line runs like a dream.

No really, it does.

I went from 63rd to Addison in 36 minutes.  That kind of commute has never happened in the almost twelve years I've lived on the south side.

Let me give you a few other numbers---9, 14, 28 and 32.

From the 63rd Street Stop it took me 9 minutes to get to Cermak/Chinatown, 14 to get to Roosevelt, 28 to get to Fullerton and 32 to get to Belmont.

I know some of you don't ride the south branch of the red line on a regular basis, but believe me when I say those times are crazy fast.  I'm sure that those times will obviously go up during rush hour and periods of heavy traffic but I'm curious to see how much they will rise.

The ride was mind blowing but the addition of an elevator, train tracker screens, a coat of paint (or a good cleaning), new working loud speakers (thank God!) and blue lights by the emergency call boxes were almost incomprehensible.

I saw them right in front of me but it was as if they weren't real.

Congratulations, CTA.  You did an outstanding job.


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