Caught By The Grammar Police

Dear Lisa Boucher Cabral,

Thank you for serving as the grammar police and catching the errors in my last post.

One of the hazards of putting your thoughts and opinions out for the world to see is that you open yourself up to scrutiny.  It's part of the process that I fully embrace; mostly because I find blogging extremely therapeutic.  I also have a pretty thick skin.

As you can clearly tell, “could of” poses a particular problem for me.  You aren’t the first person to bring it to my attention but I will say that you are the rudest.

That’s why I found your critique particularly interesting and decided to address it (and you) in a more complete forum than the comments section.

You, Ms. Cabral, not only decided to correct me but also decided to turn up the level of snark by also writing, “You’d think that with all of the childless free time you have you could have invested in some education, specifically grammar lessons.”

Well good night nurse.

Did I piss in your Corn Flakes that morning or were you just having a bad day?

While I could go down the road of bitchy high school girl foolishness, what’s the point?

I’ve never seen three small grammar errors (that I corrected, by the way) get someone so riled up that they’d be so nasty---especially when they comment under their own name.

Yet a cursory search for you on Google indicated that you left a similar grammatical critique on the comment section of a fellow Chicago Now blogger.  Clearly good grammar means a great deal to you---as it should.

Despite your spiteful and mean spirited delivery, I'dlike to challenge you to turn that well honed snark into something productive.  Since you have taken up the standard for proper grammar, perhaps you should tutor school-aged children or volunteer your services at a creative writing workshop.

My good friend Laura (who also calls me on my use of could/should/would of) has told me she isn’t strong in the creative writing/tell a story category but is a hell of an editor (and she is).

You may also want to consider starting a blog of your own.  You seem to be a woman of strong opinions; perhaps it’s time to add your voice to the blogosphere.

Besides serving as an outlet, blogging also shows me the person I was in the past vs. the person I am now.  I would like to think that my writing now has grown leaps and bounds from the 1.0 version of “I Hate My Developer.”

There are many lessons I continue to take away from my past writings, but looking at how I screwed up serves to make me a stronger, better and more complete writer.

I’m just a woman with a point of view who was trying to let parents know that their job is difficult and sometimes my judgment is misplaced.

The amazing part of all of this is that I don’t know if you even got that point.

Yet judging from the almost 900 likes the post has received on Facebook, it seems that the theme has resonated with others.

I never “could of” foreseen that.


Woodlawn Wonder


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