A Pregnant Cat, Cute Kittens & Cluelessness: The Backstory

I tend to get a little self absorbed when I'm job hunting.

Even more so when I'm actually interviewing.

When my downstairs neighbor told me about the kittens last week you could of knocked me over with a feather.

I had been feeding Mama cat for months and mistakenly thought that she was a he.  Moreover, her pregnancy completely flew under my radar.  Even when several people said "That cat is pregnant" I still didn't see it.


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The worst is that she kept on giving me signals that she was pregnant and like a pitcher waving off a catcher, I completely ignored them.

  • She only gained weight in her midsection (Duh, she had babies in there).
  • When I shooed her away with my foot, she became very defensive (Protecting her babies).
  • When I put her daily food out, she was more interested in coming inside my condo than eating (Wanting to nest).

To complicate matters further, I have been working with the wonderful people at Hyde Park Cats to get her checked out, fostered and eventually adopted.

I had even received a humane trap so she could be transported to finally receive her medical checkup so she could be put on the adoption list.  Oddly enough when I got the trap, she was no where to be found.

I just thought that she was too smart to go into the trap despite her hunger.

Little did I know that she was probably having her kittens.

*Face palm*

I know, I know.  I'm completely oblivious.  My mind was entirely focused on my latest round of interviews.

On August 1st I was contacted by a contracting firm regarding a job prospect.  After I received glowing feedback from my phone interview, I was excited that an in person interview had been scheduled.

Clearly picking out my interview attire was more of a priority than paying attention to the soon to be mother.

I was told the in-person interview and another phone interview went very well (that's 3 if you're counting) and was simply waiting for the formal offer.

And I waited.

Then I nervously continued to wait.

When you're hiring a consultant, it usually doesn't take over a few days to reach a decision.

I'm sure you can imagine I was a little distracted.

While the game of will-they-or-won't-they was unfolding, Mama cat had her kittens under a broken down van in the back of our building.

My observant neighbor found the little family and provided a box for shade from the hot sun and a blanket for comfort.  Me?  I was still stewing in my own little world.

Fortunately for our feline family they were taken in by Anti-Cruelty; unfortunately for me, the job went to someone else.

I pray that she and her kittens all find good, stable, responsible and loving homes.

'Cause I'm not the only one looking for security and stability.




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