Woodlawn Community Garden: A Progression In Pictures

There are a lot of things right with Woodlawn.

One of them happens to be right outside my back door.

Over the past three seasons, my neighbor Hank Vogler, has meticulously and lovingly made a garden oasis out of four trash strewn lots.

He took a shovel and started to dig.

And soon, despite the bricks and rubble he pulled out of the ground, a garden plot emerged.

And then another.  And another.

While he harbors ambitious plans for the future of the garden (including a tree house!),  It's presence has been a game changer in many ways.   Neighbors are stopping by and getting to know one another.  The defacto parking lot that existed is now gone.  Clearing away the underbrush by the trees gives questionable characters one less place to hide.

From my perspective, Woodlawn is winning.

Below are pictures of how the garden looks today.  If you want to take a step back in time and see the origins of the garden, click here, here and here.  If you're like me, you'll find the differences amazing.


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