Rest In Peace Glorious Gardens Contest

I miss the Tribune's Glorious Gardens contest.

It was the holy grail of Chicagoland gardening for years.  Then after 2009---poof----nothing.  Gone.

And the Chicago garden scene has been poorer in its absence.

I would dutifully submit my application every year.  I remember when you had to submit slides, then they changed to pictures---of course there were the mandatory questions to answer.  Entering the contest was almost as challenging than planting the garden itself.

I was never one of the finalists.

I told you gardening in the Chicagoland area is brutal.  And when I say brutal, I mean brutal in a good way.  The quality and quantity of beautiful gardens---from landscaped to container---is breathtaking.

Even though my small container garden never cracked into the rarefied elite of the winner's circle, the great thing about the contest is that it made me want to win.  The lust for winning made me investigate different annuals and container gardening techniques.  It made me curious to see if I could grow vegetables.

In short, the Glorious Gardens contest made me a better gardener.

It gave me a prize to shoot for.

I'm sad that the contest is gone.  I really wish the Tribune would bring it back.

'Cause I'd really like some more chances at cracking into that winner's circle.


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