When You Refuse My Invitation Because Of My Neighborhood, I Take It Personally

I am acutely aware of where I live.

I realize that the name Woodlawn doesn't spring to most people's minds when it comes to naming one of Chicago's choicest neighborhoods.

I know the south and west sides are awash in violence.  And yes, some of that violence occurs in Woodlawn.

As I've stated previously, I am not happy with any of this.

Nonetheless, I'm just tired of people having the gall to say to me that they won't accept an invitation to my home because of where I live.

Few things are as insulting as someone who rejects your hospitality.

You know what?  I'm done attempting to convince these alleged "friends" about the safety of my neighborhood.

Not only can they take their glib remarks and stick it where the sun don't shine, but I won't be wasting their time with any further invitations to my crime infested 'hood.

What these people fail to consider is  why would I live in a place where I couldn't invite my friends over?  Moreover, why would you think that I'd invite you to a place where I myself don't feel safe?

I wouldn't, dumbasses.

I've lived here for eleven years.  I've thrown numerous parties.  No one has ever been harassed or mugged outside of my home, nor have I heard of anyone ever having problems enroute to their home.

I'm not saying you don't have to watch your back, but in case people have had their heads buried in the sand for the past few years, you have to watch your back anywhere in our fair city---not just Woodlawn.

Frankly speaking, I think northsiders have more to worry about then southsiders.

You may not go to "crime ridden bad neighborhoods" but it certainly seems that crime has crossed north of Madison Street and is coming to you.

I often joke that I'm safer here in Woodlawn than I am walking down Michigan Avenue and I may be right.

We live in a city.  All of it can be dangerous---not just where I live.

No one's safety is guaranteed.

So those who say "I don't go to the south side" or "Is my car going to be safe outside?" can absolutely bugger off.

It's bad enough you have to insult my common sense and hospitality---it's not like the party is starting at midnight---you have to add injury by trying to make a light hearted joke about it.

Guess what?  I'm not laughing.

If you don't want my delicious cooking and free booze, then the hell with you.

And for those of you who have refused multiple invitations---I finally got the hint.  Screw you too.

There aren't that many coincidences in the world that my parties or brunches always coincide with something on your schedule.

At least you have the good manners to not fully insult me by telling me that you think your precious personage is not going to survive the ravages of the south side.

When time and resources allow me to finally entertain in the manner of previous years, a few years will be off the guest list.

Even my south side hospitality has limits.





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