Is This What Should Have Happened To The Wilding Teens On Michigan Avenue?

Please be advised that the video below is graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences.

The young women above were disciplined by their father for allegedly taping and distributing "twerking" videos on Facebook.

I know few fathers that would encourage their daughters to behave in such a manner.  I know even fewer that would record a spanking . The gentleman in the video wanted to clearly make his displeasure known in the same manner that his daughters sought to display their "talents."

With last weekend's youth wildings or mob actions on the north side, some people cite the lack of parental discipline and oversight as a contributing factor.  Should the actions of the father in the video happened when the arrested teens got home after their parents picked them up?

Is sparing the rod, spoiling the child?  Or will a simple denial of a video game system and a time out be enough?

Obviously there is no way a parent can know exactly what their children are doing at every point of the day. 

Clearly there's a disconnect with some of these young people of right from wrong.

You would think that wouldn't have to tell these kids that it's unacceptable to purposely seek to intimidate,  cause disturbances and commit crimes.

But here's the thing---I almost wager that their parents (or parental figures) have already done that.  They've taught them right from wrong, they've lectured and they've threatened.

It would seem that there's just something about this generation that makes them impervious to verbal discipline.  It would seem that these kids don't understand the implications of  an arrest and criminal record has on your future.

As my late grandmother would say, these young people  " don't believe fat meat is greasy."

Lay the blame where it belongs---squarely on the shoulders of the young people who knowingly planned and executed these stupid acts---not their parents.

I've personally seen parents kill themselves to raise their child correctly, only to have all of their hard work undone by the greater world at large.

And if you think it's just happening on the south side, think again.

Oh yeah, the next time you see someone swatting their kids on the bottom or disciplining them in a manner you disapprove, think about the consequences of NO discipline.

It may be coming to your neighborhood sooner than you think.





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