The Eleven Signs That Your New Neighbors Will Be Trouble

You see them moving in and you just know.

Whether it's the plastic trash bags in lieu of moving boxes, the "moving in party" that lasts into the wee hours of the morning or the motley assortment of visitors that your new neighbors bring with them---you just know that they are gonna be trouble.

Bad neighbors are nothing new.  Unfortunately, having bad neighbors in the tenuous atmosphere of the south side can be downright dangerous.  Below are my top eleven ways to know (or strongly suspect) that your new neighbors are bringing drama with them.

  • The amount of trash thrown on the ground has increased.
  • Ironically, household trash now shows up in the corner trash cans instead of the dumpster in the alley.
  • Any metal (fence posts, etc.) in the neighborhood starts disappearing.
  • You notice people entering and exiting buildings on your block from the back instead of the front.
  • Your new neighbor has eight pit bulls.
  • You start noticing Hondas with $2,000 rims parked on your block.
  • Blinds?  Who needs blinds when you have sheets?
  • Someone is always stationed in the window peeking out from behind the sheet.
  • The stock of Newports at the corner store has gone down while the occurrence of people "hanging out" has increased---significantly.
  • A landlord feels the need to attach a sign to the front of their building reminding tenants and their guests of the “rules.”
  • That same landlord installs a closed circuit camera by the front door of their building.

If you see these or similar signs, you shouldn't be surprised when the police is camped out on your street as the weather warms up.



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