Four Places You Want To Avoid Easter Weekend

Learn from my mistakes.  You do not want to go to these places in the days leading up to Easter.

Trust me.

4.  A Shoe Store

While most people's Easter outfits have been selected for weeks, those little accessories like shoes haven't.

Most people's busy schedules mean that the shoe shopping began in earnest on the Wednesday before Easter.  Add a good sale on top of that and it's every person for him or herself.  Two words:  Blood bath.  Two other words:  Stay away.

3.  The Bank or a Payday Loan Store

People need money for those last minute Easter baskets, tithing at church, brunch and sorts and all sorts of assorted Easter activities.  As a result, the lines will be out the door.

In my hometown, banks closed early on Good Friday and growing up there were no Saturday bank hours or ATM's, so I've been conditioned to take care of bank business prior to Friday.  Lord forbid you if you don't have money to go to the  number #2 place you want to avoid...

2.  The Department/Discount Store Lay-a-Way

Sweet baby Jesus---talk about a line.

EVERYBODY is getting their Easter outfits out of  lay-a-way on the days leading up to Easter.  Smart people made the magic happen at *least* a week prior.  If you didn't, you'll be that person behind the other person arguing about their final balance.  Plan accordingly.

1.  The Beauty Shop/Hair Salon

Absolute pandemonium.

A mixture of emotion, hair chemicals, family drama compounded by holiday cleaning, cooking and entertaining?  Yeah, sign me up for that.


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