My Conservative Problem, Quvenzhane Wallis, Facebook and The Onion

As of today, I have 459 friends on Facebook.  A good portion of them---I'm guessing 20-25%---have much different political views than mine.

To be honest with you I didn't think I had a problem with that.

Or so I thought.

Lately though I'm seeing another side of some of the people I call friend and I'm not liking it one bit.

Like most people, I have my hot button issues.  Sexual assault, discrimination, the abuse of children and women are a few of the things that set me off.

As a woman in modern American society, you have to build up a thick skin.  If you don't you will be emotionally torn apart.  You wouldn't be able to function or if you did you'd carry so much hate that you'd be miserable to be around.

In short, you have to self affirm the best parts of yourself every day.  You have to choose to be happy.

More importantly, it almost your duty to support future generations of young women.

To provide a good role model and a sympathetic ear when the injustices in life rear their ugly head.

Yet some of my Facebook friends, in my opinion, take exception to these affirming activities.

Especially when it involves nine year old Quvenzhane Wallis and the infamous Onion Oscar night tweet

And that's the part that gets me.

People that I consider friends, seem to think that pushing back against the verbal abuse of a nine year old child is liberal media whining.

To paraphrase one friend it undermines the "tolerance" that should be shown to "The Onion."

That's bullshit and anyone with half a brain knows it.

Moreover, to have the balls to say something about undermining tolerance of misogyny, is akin to saying that the Taliban protects women.

I listen and consider different viewpoints because I believe that no one person, party or ideology has the answer.

For me it's important not to wrap myself in a cocoon of my own experiences.  It saddens me that distrust,  fear of change and too many hate spewing sound bites have warped some of my Facebook friend's sense of right and wrong.

This latest incident also makes me reflect about how I may not be the best judge of character.

And that's what bother's me the most.

People who have shown such kindness to me in the past, have become consumed with ideological hatred and snark that I find off putting.

Those aren't the people I remembered friending.

Those aren't the people I remember growing up with.

Those aren't the people I remember learning and sharing with.

But there are a few people that are making me rethink my decision to share parts of my life with them via Facebook.

It's a regrettable that the insulting of a nine year old girl had to be the catalyst.


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