The CTA Fare Hike Wouldn't Be Necessary If They Signed A Reality Show Deal

Mayor Emanuel and CTA Board,

I've found the solution to your budget woes.  A fare hike wouldn't be necessary if you inked a deal with a production company for a reality show about the CTA.

Think about it.

I'm fairly comfortable in the assumption that most of you all don't ride the CTA very often or at least don't ride it late at night or in the early morning.  Because if you did, you wouldn't see late night drunkenness or people behaving badly, you---like me---would see dollar signs.

Reality TV gold.

Sometimes I take the #6 Jackson Park home on weekend nights and the actions and conversation of many a University of Chicago student get tweeted.

Oft times, I receive responses asking what happened next or something along those lines.

That's when it hit me---The CTA needs its own reality show.


Think of the benefits:   Ari could ink the deal, camera crews would possibly cut down on crime and questionable behavior and what they do catch could be leveraged to reduce this budget shortfall that we average Chicagoans always hear about every two years or so.

Everybody wins, right?

You could even do it on the cheap and use the footage from the surveillance cameras you have already have mounted in the L cars and on the buses.

Our collective national interest seems to be fixated on lowest common denominator as far as behavior is concerned, why can't the city cash in on this trend like everyone else?

If the "Best Funeral Ever" is on the air, I know this idea has a shot.

I'll graciously let you use my idea with one caveat:  This deal actually has to benefit the people of the City of Chicago and the ridership of the CTA.  No nutty Skyway deals or parking meter foolishness allowed.

If Mr. Claypool figured out that adhering to a standard would save the CTA money, can you imagine the windfall that this little gem will bring in?

And you didn't have to wait for Chicago Ideas Week to get it.

You're welcome.


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