When It Comes To Massacres, Death Never Takes A Holiday

It has taken me two weeks to write this post.

When I started seeing the faces of the Sandy Hook school massacre, I felt the darkness descending.  The carnage sent me into a downward spiral.

Death during the holiday season always makes me sad.  Deaths of children and educators even more so.

I won't pretend to understand the agony of losing a child.

I've never been pregnant.  I've never nurtured a life inside of me.  I've never given birth.  I've never seen first steps or heard first words.

Anyone who loses a child is in a place that I clearly can't imagine.

I pray that solace for the families of the victims will be swift.

While I don't understand losing a child, I do understand the pain of losing someone close around the holidays.

And I understand how the holidays will never be the same for you again.

And it makes me cry.

It makes me cry for you and it makes me cry for how the joy of countless future holiday seasons may be lost from your lives.

I cry because I understand.

I understand how a Christmas carol or the whiff of a pine tree can send you into a crying jag.

I get how you can sit around for days when you realize that you haven't gotten out of your pajamas or taken a shower.

I know how the darkness can taken over your life till you're just going through the motions of daily living.

I truly understand that the holidays can be a painful time for many people and when I see that far away look in someone's eye, I give them their space.  I let them exercise their pain.

Because if they don't, they'll never be able to find their way out of the darkness.  That's a path every person has to chart for themselves; you can't do it for them.  It's a hard journey, but one well worth the effort.

Our friends in Connecticut, bereaved parents in the city of Chicago as well as anyone who has experienced a loss during the holiday season my thoughts are with you.

It may take some time but the holiday will once again burn bright.


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