Dating Over 40: Changing Your Relationship Status On Facebook

I met someone.

Strike that---I met someone that I like.

And he likes me as well.

So when our flirtatious platonic relationship went from a first date to an actual relationship, no one could of been more surprised than me.

Some of my friends knew about us and some had met him.  Others heard about him through the grapevine.

We were still getting to know each other.  There was no rush to expose him to everyone just yet.

A few weeks shy of three months of dating---90 days is an important milestone in my world---I changed my relationship status on Facebook.

You would have thought I'd announced that I'm dating Prince Harry.

My changed relationship status received 44 "likes" and a slew of comments---most of them for pictures of my new beau.

While I haven't posted a picture yet, he is amused by the curiosity his presence in my life has generated among my friends.

Frankly speaking it's a little odd for me as well.

I know jack about relationships and even less about the opposite sex.

I'm beginning to realize that observing men vs. having one around the house is a much different proposition.

It's even more interesting when you're doing this when you're over 40.

I'm a little confused about why he squeezes the toothpaste from the center of the tube and puts the toilet paper on backwards.

Everyone knows the front roll is the way to go.

Trust me, I know these are minor (but very interesting) issues.  I'm not sweating him about the toothpaste or toilet paper---hell, at least he replaces both when he uses them up.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm ahead of the game.

I'm not the woman who always has a boyfriend or is always dating.  I'm used to being by myself and being my own best friend.  So having this lovely, considerate man tell me that I'm beautiful everyday throws me for a loop.

That type of attention can be a bit overwhelming but trust me, I'm getting used to it.

As our relationship progresses, I'm sure the "newness" will be replaced by "realness."

My friends on Facebook will still have to wait a little while for a picture.  By the time it goes up, more of them may have already met him.

Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll have many more "man behavior" questions at the ready.

Because someone has to explain what's up with always being in possession of the TV remote?  I'm really stumped on that one.




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  • Enjoy every minute - when the newness becomes realness it gets even better if you care for and respect each other. It takes work, but it's worth it. And as far as the remote?? Didn't you know that men are genetically predisposed to dominate the remote? We moved so I could have my own room with my own couch and remote. True Story.

    Good luck and enjoy!!

  • Aw, love! Congrats!

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