The True Fear Of Unemployment: Sink or Swim

On December 3rd, my state and federal unemployment benefits will be exhausted and I will receive my last check.

Due to Illinois' declining unemployment rate, the last 20 weeks of extended benefits have been eliminated.

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There is no extension.  This is it.

Things are about to get a lot more interesting.

It's sink or swim time folks.




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  • I just joined the ranks of the unemployed. Sorry to hear your benefits are running out. I am not even getting any yet.

  • The unemployment figures have not actually declined, but the population in Illinois has as people are evacuating the state in hopes of finding work. Also, unemployment figures are really inaccurate as it doesn't reflect folks such as yourself who have exhausted benefits....if you aren't on the state books for unemployment insurance, you don't exist. Another nifty way that they skew the numbers related exactly to the way in which I lost my job. In a corporate merger, our department was completely eliminated, and work outsourced to other facilities in other states (catch the theme here-other states) Anyway, just a couple days after we were let go, the new corporate entity came in and absolutely everyone had to redo all their HR documentation and paperwork under the new company bannerhead....guess what, according to our state, over 100 jobs were created by the new corporate entity-even though they were the exact same people, in the exact same cubicles, doing the exact same jobs, for the exact same pay as the day before....they were considered as new hires by the new corporate entity. Who knows, the corporation might have even managed a tax incentive or bonus for creating all these new jobs. I know it doesn't help your immediate situation, but there are armies of us out there in your boat, and I truly appreciate all the concerns that come from the pittance being taken away. Anyway, that is the real truth about how Illinois job figures have improved, and of course, it wouldn't be good for our incumbent President to have come from a state that is bottom of the heap in unemployment, now would it? I mean that would be such easy cannon fodder for the opposition-particularly as jobs and economy are national issues. I truly wish you well and hope that something comes about before the December 3rd deadline. For what it is worth, I will include you in my prayers....I was recently told that the secret to prayer is to sincerely believe that it will make a difference when you do so. So, I am truly believing that something good will present itself before the worst happens. In the meantime, keep pitching and take care.

  • Keep your head up. I found three jobs in my field in the last two years. It's possible.

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