The True Fear Of Unemployment: Hope

Hope is a fragile emotion.

It is hope that sustains you when you’re unemployed.

Hope nourishes your troubled spirit and your bruised ego as you look for work.

Hope wakes you up every day to follow up on networking leads.

Hope makes you apply for positions, practice your “elevator pitch” and make sure your interview suits are ready to throw on at a moment’s notice.

Yet hope is a finite resource.

This time around the grind of unemployment easily depleted my personal will.  Most days I had to draw upon hope just to get off of the couch.

When the hope ran out, that’s when fear, anger and depression would enter.

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If you’ve been reading this series, those three tend to take hold of your soul and stay awhile.  They’re tough customers to shake.

But you know what I found out?

Like a spring bulb, hope hibernates.  Hope lives deep within you even though you can’t see or feel its presence.

Much like the bulb needs certain conditions to grow, hope is germinated by kindness; the kindness of friends whose words and deeds have gotten me through this insanity without insulting my intelligence or assaulting my dignity.

There are so many of you.

So many of you that have had a front row seat at this shit show and have stood up for me at times when I couldn’t stand up for myself.

Those of you who didn’t forget my phone number when I stopped showing up at our regular meeting places.

So many of you who simply acted like decent human beings when you knew I needed your friendship; that is what allowed hope to not be extinguished.

You all are the ones who nourished me.

You all are the ones who help me beat back the fear, anger and depression.

How can I thank all of you?   More importantly, how can I thank all of you for allowing hope to flourish in my life again?

I’m not saying the tough times are over or there aren’t darker days ahead, but hope is back.

And she’s stronger than ever.


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  • You know my mantra is "choose hope." I believe it in my bones that it is a choice. Hard as hell to make at times, but always a choice. I try every day to choose hope, as it is the only thing that gets me out of bed -- the hope for a better day. Most days I succeed, some days I don't. I try not to beat myself up for those days. I heart you, dear, I surely do. MTM.

  • Loved this one, girl.

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