The CTA's Bustracker Technology and The Gang War At 67th and Blackstone

67th and Blackstone may be only a few blocks away from my home but it often feels like it's in another world.

Last night, around the time I was coming in, a drive by shooting critically wounded a female bystander near that intersection.

If the story had not been in the news this morning, I probably would have missed it entirely.

I didn't hear a crash.  I didn't hear any extra police activity.  I didn't feel a single police helicopter buzz my building.

As of post time, the suspected shooter remains at large.

Many things about this drive by scares me; the fact that it's the second such incident that happened this summer and the third overall at or near that corner.

The fact that the intersection of 67th & Blackstone is only a few blocks from my home and is easily walkable.

The fact that the intersection is very close to our neighborhood Walgreens.

The fact that the intersection is on the eastern property line of a fire station parking lot.  I worry about the safety of the firemen and residents with in a one block radius of this foolishness.

Most of all I worry about the safety of those of us simply coming and going about our business.

Apparently there is a gang war going on.

Yeah, you could of knocked me over with a feather too.  I had no idea any of this stuff was going down.

That's what makes it so incredibly dangerous.

People who don't know any gang members or are affiliated with a gang in any way have also become victims.

The woman at 67th and Blackstone was the second bystander wounded yesterday in a drive by.  Both incidents were within two miles of each other.

Think about that---two people minding their own business get shot on the same day by people that have bad aim and poor conflict resolution skills.

Granted, these aren't the first innocent bystanders to be shot in Chicago this summer but the closer it gets to you, the more it hits home.

This is why I personally rely on the CTA's bustracker when I leave my house.

That piece of technology keeps me from waiting too long for the next bus.

Anyone familiar with my Twitter account knows about my many frustrations with the CTA.

One of my main rants has to do with the timeliness of the bustracker.

The tracker not having correct information may be the difference between you getting shot and you narrowly avoiding becoming a victim.

I know some may have thought I was just blowing off steam at a late bus arrival but missing a bus has some very real consequences in this part of the city.

You don't want to find yourself on the wrong end of a drive by.


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  • ---knock you over with a feather huh!! It's so obvious that you were "born yesterday"!!!!! Everybody and their grandmas know about the area of Woodlawn, from 67th and south to 75th. Stoney Island to 75th!! Common now, it's called "Terror Town"!!!!!!

  • In reply to norm20:

    Actually Norm, Terror Town is east of me in South Shore. Blackstone & 67th is west of Stony. Far out side of TT's formal boundaries.

  • I'm not quite like where norm is, but having heard about the Blackstone Rangers in the late 60s, I thought all of Blackstone Ave was terror territory, including north of 60th.

    I guess you didn't confirm the gang war, but something is going on around there. And also south of there into Park Manor, Grand Crossing, etc.

    As for BusTracker, people have posted on both CTA Tattler and that some buses showing up there have "NOT IN SERVICE" signs. You better hope that isn't the case on 67.

    And there was the guy who shot into a bus on 69th. I remember going into it with Wiz, and, as my memory now fails me think it was a 71 rather than 67. Either is close enough.

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