In Anticipation of NATO---The Dread Is Building

Is it me, or is anyone else dreading this NATO foolishness?

When the President comes home to check his mail the city is on lock down.

Now multiply that by 49 other heads of state along with an anticipated 35,000 protestors and secure zones; it's a perfect storm of gridlock for the average Chicagoan.

In short, it will be a shit show.

Worse than St. Patrick's Day.  Worse than the blizzard of 2011.  Worse than the traffic before a Bears' game when they're on a hot streak.

Unlike New York City, Chicagoans are not used to everything stopping because a head of state is in town.

Getting back & forth is going to be difficult for everyone but those of us who live on the south east side will have our own little taste of hell.   Lake Shore Drive is going to be practically shut down and the Metra line that serves my community may be (may be = will be) delayed per the discretion of the Secret Service.

Don't forget that Mrs. Obama will be showing off the Comer Center on the 20th so traffic will actually get worse for south siders.

The way it's shaping up, the red line seems like one of the only viable options to leave the south side.

Let's face it, this isn't going to be pretty.

How will you deal with the impending NATO disruption to our lives?

Is your work or school shutting down?  If you live in the anticipated "secure zone" has your building sent out a memo regarding temporary security policies?

Are you staying in town or fleeing to your Michigan House?

Do you have any strategies for dealing with what will amount to a lock down on our fair city?



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  • My husband and I have to be in that area that day and we are already planning our routes. My head has already started hurting! ACK!

  • Well, I am downtown and again I don't see how this will be profitable. I have found many business will be open, but the clientale is drastically down. I walked in one coffee shop that is known to be VERY busy during the rush hour, and it was only me and four other workers in the establishment. Now let's see what Saturday and Sunday will do in terms of brining in the profits.

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