The Spin: What If James Meredith Had Integrated Ole Miss in 2012?

Can you imagine if the University of Mississippi had remained segregated and the James Meredith had enrolled there in 2012?

I can see the press release blaming the victim now...


A 29 year old, liberal plant intent on stirring up trouble at a college campus is now demanding that your federal tax dollars be used to protect him while he advances his socialist agenda.

Convicted of violating laws in his home state and aided by an organization founded by known communists; the liberal plant is not the “innocent” college student he attempts to portray.

With full knowledge of the policies and practices of University of Mississippi and twice denied admission; James Meredith demanded protection from a group of his fellow Mississippians exercising their constitutional rights of assembly & protest.

It’s bad enough that the federal government is trampling on the sovereignty and customs of the Magnolia State with their jackbooted tactics.  Why should you the American taxpayer have to pay for 500 U.S. Marshals as well as 70th Army Engineer Combat Battalion because Meredith is receiving the attention he so desperately craved?

Why did he pick a school where he knew he would meet resistance?  A simple internet search shows that he has had a long history of agitation.

Meredith manufactured this controversy.  You shouldn’t have to pay for him to advance his anti-American and anti-Mississippi views.

I can only dare imagine how 2012 would of spun the entire civil rights movement.


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