St. Patrick's Day Recap: Thank God The G8 Got Taken Away

I had a few epiphanies sitting on the couch yesterday thinking about what I saw on Saturday.

1.  I'm too old for St. Patrick's Day.

2.  Thank God the G8 got taken away.

Saturday was a train wreck of epic proportions.

It was the young woman throwing up in a planter on Michigan Avenue that let me know that I'm too old for this foolishness, but it was also an overwhelmed Chicago Police Department that made me thank God the G8 was moved to Camp David.

As I've said previously, for the resources and personnel that they have, the police are doing a great job.

Yet anyone who was out on Saturday knew that the police weren't overwhelmed, they were simply outnumbered by hordes of drunks.

What I saw was a few Molotov cocktails away from a full blown riot.

And that was on top of the "normal" level of service calls for more serious crimes that were occurring in other parts of the city.

Can you imagine adding 35,000 organized and pissed off G8 protestors to that mix?

I don't care about city crime statistics, I don't care how many blue light cameras are installed and I don't care about what may or may not make it into the papers----there is an air of lawlessness out there that is getting worse.

Redeploying 1,000 more officers on the street doesn't seem to be helping.

I can't see how the police are going to deal with shootings on the south side, belligerent drunks on the north side and flash mobs on Michigan Avenue.

The takeaway from Saturday is this:

I'm only going to private parties from now on for St. Patrick's Day and the city needs to address its police staffing shortage.



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  • Thank goodness that I did not go downtown to participate in the crazy activties. I do remember watching the river turn green, and even going to a few bars to have some green beer. (now you know I am a wine person, and always have been). However, this was done in my 20's and a few years in the early 30's. I can understand the concern for having the G8 here and I think the decision to move it to Camp David was the best choice. Think aboout the manpower, the money, the people, the residents, the workers, it would have been a nightmare.

  • Agreed! So glad it's gone, wish NATO would go too. Sorry, Rahm.

    I always think here on the south side everything feels both a little more festive and a little more ominous when the weather turns hot. I'll bet St. Patrick's Day was that much closer to a full blown riot because it was 85 degrees. Not looking forward to summer in this respect, that's for sure.

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