Is The Chicago Police Department's Mounted Unit Disposing of Horse Manure In Jackson Park?

Someone has been dumping horse manure in Jackson Park.

I won't even insult you by placing the word allegedly anywhere in the first sentence to qualify that statement.

I walked past mounds of horse droppings on my way back home today and I was absolutely stunned at it's abundance.

Spread out in mounds along a north facing wall of a park district building on 63rd Street between Cornell drive and Stony Island is enough horse manure to send to you wretching.  It's also piled around trees and in front of a children's play lot.

Who would think it's a good idea to dispose of possibly hundreds of pounds of horse manure in a public park?

While I didn't see who did the dumping, it sure was a hell of coincidence that a Chicago Police Department mounted unit trailer was parked within feet of the manure.

Then of course the officers could of been enjoying an early warm spring day on their way back to their headquarters at the South Shore Cultural Center.

But I doubt it.

If I'm wrong about my assumption, I will post an apology.

Yet you have to admit the level of disrespect it takes to dump shit in someone's neighborhood is astounding.  They're not even trying to hide it.  As of 2:21 PM today and as my pictures will prove, the horse manure is in plain sight of the public.

That is just blatant.

Aren't you all concerned about the flies that will lay larvae in the manure that could lead to the spread of disease?

Isn't there someone who hauls away the manure for you at your facility at the South Shore Cultural Center?  I'm sure they have a city contract.  Why aren't they doing their job?  What about the people who come and get manure from you for their gardens?

Is this regular procedure?  Have the brass in the Chicago Park District given their blessing to this?

By the way, don't tell me that the dung is being used as fertilizer.  According to this article, in order for it to be used as organic fertilizer the manure must go through a composting process; not be shoveled straight off the trailer.

Lastly, would you like it if someone dumped raw horse shit in your neighborhood?  In your local park where your neighbors congregate?  By the schools that your children attend and the play lots they frequent?

I've always heard about the contempt that some officers have for the south side.

I just never saw (or smelled) it until now.


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  • *That* will certainly enhance my experience on the bike path this summer!
    Blech. Thanks for bringing it to light!

  • Julie,
    If you see additional spots along your ride where horse manure is being dumped take a picture, note the time and location and send the pictures to me. This is beyond disgusting and disrespectful.

  • Good that you posted the article regarding the process of using dung as fertilizer. I know that has been a strong argument for years, but based on the photos, I think this is beyond too much. What are the residents thinking? Does this happen in more affluent areas? Just wondering.

  • Wow--I wouldn't be surprised at all if it were randomly or anonymously dumped by the CPD mounted...since I've moved back to Chicago from NY I've heard some very defiant and interesting comments made by people I've worked with about venturing to the south side... For instance--most seem to think that the south side ends after museum park and soldier field. Or why would you wanna go there? Or what's there? Or OMG be careful...

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