Sometimes A Girl Scout Is Just A Girl Scout

Clearly these are the faces of a "radicalized organization."

At least according to one very upset lawmaker.

Indiana house Representative Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne) wrote a letter to his fellow lawmakers about the dangers of the Girl Scouts of America.

According to his research the Girl Scouts are funding Planned Parenthood, distributing their materials and practically preparing every Girl Scout for an abortion later in life.

As a transplanted Hoosier and former Girl Scout from the Northern District of Indiana Singing Sands Council, I can tell you that I personally was never sexualized or indoctrinated into a radical lifestyle.

Unless you count selling cookies as the next step to undermining our nation's values.

Frankly, I was excited about wearing my uniform to my Catholic grade school and to sewing my badges onto my sash (which I still have by the way) more than anything else.

I formed a bond with other girls and achieved new skills.

What is Representative Morris' problem?

Why are informed, strong and smart girls such a threat to people like him?

Why can't they have have the joy of belonging to a child centered organization that is focused on producing healthy, centered, happy women?

There's so much children have to deal with now that we didn't have to deal with in the 70's & 80's---little people are forced to grow up at a much faster rate.

Can't they have something that isn't completely screwed up by adults?

They have a life time to see the ugliness of the real world. Why do we have to push that up?

Why, Representative Morris?


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  • "Why are informed, strong and smart girls such a threat to people like him?"

    Because they grow up to be informed, strong and smart women.

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    In reply to Tito Doug: thoughts EXACTLY!

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