Masque: Who's Gonna Taste Test The Product?

It started with a little post about the best way to "conceal any unpleasant flavors associated with pleasuring your man and his subsequent climax.”

Just typing the words makes me shudder.


Then came this message via Twitter:

@WoodlawnWonder We were just sent your article from last month. Drop us a line on the site and we'll send you samples.

Well now the samples are here--- mango and watermelon.

Yet my original problem remains, these needs to be tested yet I'm not the woman to do it.


So I've been racking my brain with who I should ask to be my testers.  Talk about truly testing the boundaries of friendship.

Can you see how this conversation would go:

"I know that you swallow you would you mind testing these thingamajiggies out for me?"

That may not go over so well.  Clearly a more delicate touch is needed.

Hell, finding the testers (with full anonymity protected of course) may be more daunting than testing the strips.


I'll keep ya'll posted.


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