Why Is There Always One Neighbor Who Won't Take Their Trash To The Alley?

Dear Lazy Neighbor,

You are a dumb ass.

Because you dump your household trash in the corner can instead of the dumpster in the alley, I'm sure Streets & San will take it away sometime soon.

It's because of lazy humps like you we got our original trash can taken away years ago.

When our neighborhood doesn't have a trash can the other dumb asses who can't be bothered to find one, just dump their shit all over our neighborhood.

So we kinda need it.

Oh, and by the way, your household waste attracts all of those little critters like possums, raccoons, rats & squirrels.

As if we don't have enough to deal with around here.

I don't like to take out my trash either.  My Facebook profile is filled with status updates of my intense dislike of taking the trash to the alley.

Somehow I still manage to get it to and in the dumpster.

Take note of my actions.  When our trash can gets taken away, you'll have no choice but to schlep out to the alley with the rest of us.


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  • That is just being plain lazy. However, when the critters begin to take residence in their household, let's see how that relationship works out.

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