Alderman Leslie Hairston To Hold Town Hall About Ominous Trend in G8 Security Measures

CORRECTION: The correct address for the International House is 1414 East 59th Street, not 54th Street as previously posted.

Concerned about the lack of transparency and the permanent status of Mayor Emanuel’s proposed security measures for May’s G8 and NATO summits; Alderman Leslie Hairston will hold a town hall in conjunction with University of Chicago law professor Bernard Harcourt.

The town hall will be today, January 17th, at the University of Chicago’s International House, 1414 East 54th Street at 6:00 PM.

A press release from Publicity Works quotes Alderman Hairston as saying:

“They’re talking about installing equipment with little to no local input, deputizing officers to work with other agencies, giving the mayor and police superintendent power to enter in ‘sweetheart’ contracts with private companies, making ‘passive resistance’ finable up to $1,000.  These are issues fraught with potential for abuse, which deserve far more public discussion.”

Are these proposed security measures a legitimate tool to stop the massive unrest that usually accompanies these types of international summits?  Are they an end run around public debate or in the tradition of former Mayor Daley’s parking meter deal, bad public policy whose long reaching effect will not be felt until after it passes the city council?

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