Economic Insecurity: Financial Stability Is Elusive When You’re Always Getting Laid Off

Two weeks ago I was told that I would lose my contracting job in the suburbs.

My last day is this Friday.

And yes, the timing absolutely sucks.

The beginning of December is not a time when employers are clamoring at the gates to initiate the hiring process.  So it may be a little while before I find a suitable contract or full time position.

That means I have to go back on unemployment and the mere thought of it reduces me to tears.

Not only will I have to wait a majority of December before I see an unemployment check, but my plan to lift myself out of debt has now officially been derailed.

Money has more or less been a concern since I lost my full time job in August of 2007.  But when you add extensive debt from being out of work for two years, that concern grows into a full blown panic.

The horrible feeling that I’ll always be behind on my bills---that I can’t (or won’t) get financially stable.

Deciding if I should pay a utility bill or buy food. 

Wondering how to honor the payment arrangements with creditors who will not hesitate to sue me---making it harder to secure a full time job when a background check is performed.

 The fact that I have to go to friends that I’ve owed money to for quite some time and ask them to wait a little bit longer.

It’s utterly defeating.

My savings & assets were depleted after the first layoff; the second layoff merely cemented my debtor status.

At this point, who knows what additional demotions the 3rd layoff will bring?

It really made for a crappy Thanksgiving.  It’s going to make for an even crappier Christmas.

Economic Insecurity?  Baby, I’m the poster child.

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